Box Construction

Premier Construction Means Durability and Performance

Plastic Frame
High density plastic offers tremendous strength and durability, yet provides enough "flex" to absorb competition-level impact day after day, year after year.
This box takes a pounding, so your dog doesn't have to. It's resistant to moisture and humidity, so it provides consistent performance in a variety of conditions.

Wood boxes expand and contract, which compromises performance and makes wood boxes unpredictable. High density plastic construction makes such concerns a thing of the past. The Premier box can therefore be manufactured to much stricter tolerances, further enhancing performance of the box itself, and your flyball team.

In fact, you can literally hose the box off to keep it clean - just remember to give the tuff spun rubber padding time to dry off, and reapply lubricant to metal parts.

Screws and Fasteners
It's certainly possible to assemble a flyball box from off-the-shelf screws and fasteners. The fact is, the parts you get at the local hardware store just don't provide the durabilty you're looking for. We use the highest quality grade stainless steel screws and fasteners available. They offer maximum strength and are virtually impervious to decay, corrosion, or breakage.

If you've trained to hit a fastball, what's happens when you get thrown a curve? An inferior launching mechanism is prone to unpredictable performance, where the ball is launched on an uncertain trajectory. We wanted to make sure this was never an issue with the Premier Box.

The Premier Flyball Box launchers are constructed of high grade extruded aluminum, bronze bushings, and the highest grade machinable steel available. We are now building our launchers with stainless steel shafts for smoother action. They last longer than competing designs, and careful matching of components allows our launchers to put less load on the components, further enhancing your dog's competitive performance and safety.

These launchers are perfectly matched to the box, and manufactured to the same exacting standards, so you can have confidence in every launch.

The launchers are easily removed from the box for periodic cleaning and/or maintenance.

3/8"- 5/8 Tuff Spun - this is the real deal - premium rubber that provides a soft landing for your dogs. It reduces shock and lasts and lasts. The ultra-sensitive triggering will be a pleasant surprise - current owners are impressed with how fast and sensitive the pedal is, yet the balanced construction minimizes misfires.

We fully appreciate how badly you want a feather lite box. So please keep an open mind. Our extensive research has demonstrated conclusively that super light boxes hinder performance, and ultimately safety. If the box moves upon impact, dogs learn to slow down to compensate for their uncertainty in the stability of their target. The fact is, the box HAS to be heavy enough to minimize movement. The Premier Flyball Box weighs in at 57 lbs. - light enough to be handled by most individuals, yet heavy enough to provide the performance you're looking for.



Grip bottom and foot pads

There's a full sheet of water resistant sandpaper on the bottom of every Premier Flyball Box, minimizing slippage. We also placed grips in the rear for sure footing for your box loader.




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