Check out our Flyball box maintenance videos!

Maintenance Part 1
Maintenance Part 2

Follow these recommendations for optimal box performance and long life.

Keeping the Pedal Fine-Tuned for Best Performance

The pedal is a finely tuned and sensitive mechanism. An occasional adjustment may be necessary, and only take a couple minutes. First, cock the launchers, and look for a paper thin air gap between the pedal trigger bar and the launcher trigger. Don't be afraid to have a larger space.

This adjustment can be made with a 7/16" wrench on the pedal adjustment nut as shown here. If you can't see any gap at all, turn the nut counterclockwise until you can see a visible gap. Then turn it back clockwise until the gap is removed. DON'T OVERTURN. You don't want the pedal trigger bar to PRESS against the launcher trigger. NO PRESSURE, JUST SLIGHT GAP. Remember that you need to adjust both sides following this procedure.

We've found that over time, high impact parts such as the rubber pedal pad and ball plunger plates hold up very well, but due to the demands of thousands of high speed impacts, the adhesive that affixes these parts to the box components can break down over the course of several years. This is normal. For greater peace of mind, we recommend keeping a bottle of high grade contact cement handy in the event that a separation occurs.

As with any mechanical device, it's a good idea to periodically check all screw and fasteners for proper tightness.